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The History of Molkod Parish
The island of Molkod has been an abode of Jains and the Catholics, who live here for the past 200 years. A huge cross was erected by the Catholics on the bank of the river Sharavati, as a sign of their faith in the crucified Lord. There was no other place of worship for them. This Cross becomes the only rallying point for the people to come together in prayer and give expression to their Catholic faith. Gathering around this Cross in prayer they were able to keep their faith alive. Every time they came together, they recited the Rosary. They also celebrated every year the annual feast, on January 2nd. There was no possibility of celebrating the Mass on this day and they had to contend with the recitation of the Rosary. To meet the expense of the feast, a coconut and a rupee was collected from each family. Beaten-rice flakes mixed with jaggery to distributed to the people gathered for the celebration, flowers and candles were the main items of expenditure. This custom continues till today. The balance of the amount collected was put into a reserve fund and given on interest to the needy as loan. The amount earned increased gradually, and they were able to by one gunta of vacant land owned by Mr. Augustine Rodrigues, the village head, in 1900. A chapel was built in this place. Eventually, through the generosity of Mr. Thomas Rodrigues a school was also opened on January 3, 1927 near the Cross since there was no other school on this island.

The chapel was destroyed the pests in 4 years’ time and Fr. Remedios Rosario Gomes, the Parish Priest of San Salvador Church, Honavar, who was incharge of the Molkod built another chapel in the same place.

The Statue of Our Lady of Fatima:
The People of Molkod take great pride in the fact that the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima which is in the present Church, is a gift from the Patriarch of Goa, Deo Thonio Manuel Rebiero Viera de Castro in 1934. He was on his pastoral visit from Honavar to Samsi in the company of the Honavar Parish Priest, Fr. R. R. Gomes. The people of Molkod village had lined up on the bank of the river to seek his blessing with folded hands. Moved by the piety and faith of these simple people, he insisted on paying a visit to the village even though as it was not a part of his scheduled pastoral visit. He promised to send a statue of Our Lady of Fatima on his return, which he did on his return to Portugal.

The parcel-box containing the Statue sent by him remained unattended in the Customs Office at Honavar for a year, pending clearance due legal stalemate, in spite of the efforts made to clear the same. It is told that suddenly one day an officer in the same office who was suffering from a chronic illness happened to come in contact with the parcel-box felt a strange sensation and was miraculously cured. The box was opened and the statue was allowed to be taken to the Church. The statue of Our Lady of Fatima was thus installed in the chapel on the 13th of January 1936 on which day the annual feast of the Church is celebrated every year.

Our Lady’s role in the life of the village:
Many people from all walks of life, come to Molkod to experience the special graces and favours that Our Lady of Fatima has been bestowing upon them ever since. It has been a place of pilgrimage for many even though it is not yet being promoted on a wider scale. Our Lady of Fatima has been a protector and guide to the people of Molkod and around, whom they approach in their need.

A recent event that took place in Molkod bears testimony to the fact that Mary, Our Mother does not disappoint anyone who comes seeking her maternal solace. Greshma, an 18 year old girl from Molkod, was diagnosed as suffering from Leukaemia. She was admitted to St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore. Her condition was critical and the doctors had given up all hopes of her survival and said that she would pass off in just a couple of hours. After hearing the news, Fr. Peter Corneiro, the former Parish Priest, gathered people in the Church and prayed for her. It was Moundy Thursday. The Girl revived instantly and has passed the BMT test successfully and is on the way to recovery. The treatment continues and there is hope that she will recover fully.

Fr. Peter Corneiro also recalls the floods in the area during the year 2007, “The entire village was covered with water and people took shelter in the Church. The water-level went on rising all over the village but did not cross the footsteps of the church building where the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima is venerated. All of us were praying and Our Blessed Mother protected us.”

He says, “Similarly the parishioners of St. Joseph’s Church, Manaki, Kumta, were miraculously rescued by Our Lady of Fatima from being drowned in the river. They had come to reach their Parish Priest to his new Parish of Our Lady of Fatima Church in Molkod when he took charge of the Parish. When they were returning back, the boat in which they were travelling was caught in a storm and was about to capsize with nearly 60 people on board along with their newly appointed Parish Priest, Fr. Britto D’Silva.

The villagers recount many such favours and graces received through the intercession of Our Lady. The people have a strong faith and many vocations to religious life also have come from this village.


Most Rev. Derek Fernandes
Bishop of Karwar

Rev. Fr. Alphy D’silva
Our Parish Priest

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